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Nalu Sanz-Cortez


Nalu Sanz-Cortez - Designer

Venezuelan born Nalu Sanz-Cortez was born into three generations of architects, tailors, designers, museum curators and painters, which instilled an appreciation and intrinsic connection with aesthetics, design, form, spaces and art. In addition, her father is a psychiatrist who instilled the concept of inner transformation from a very young age. These family values would intersect later in life for Nalu and play a significant role in her professional development.Nalu received a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management at the Universidad Metropolitana Caracas. She worked in pharmaceuticals for a number of years and supervised many design related projects, cultivating her passion for design, as well as her love of living abroad and traveling the globe. Through her international exposure, she became a self-taught interior designer. Then in 2014, she enrolled in the Interior Design Program at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to fulfill the requirements as a professional interior designer.

Nalu’s goal is to help clients transform spaces as a way of enhancing their everyday life and to fulfill an inner and outer transformation combined.
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