Birdie Floor
DESIGN Ferruccio Laviani | MANUFACTURER Foscarini

One of the most iconic designs in Foscarini’s history, reworked to adapt to the new opportunities offered by LED technology: Dolmen, designed by Ferruccio Laviani in the mid-Nineties. A piece with a forceful symbolic value, expression of a lamp-sculpture concept that never escapes notice, thanks to the exceptional character of the monolithic form, with four large openings similar to the portholes of a ship, and the unusual positioning against the wall. The use of a dimmable LED source that provides warm, uniform light, has made it possible to reproportion the lamp’s design, making it slimmer in a lucid aesthetic adjustment. The finishes transform its personality, suggesting different feelings and settings: matte orange with an industrial tone or a matte brushed aluminium for hightech inspiration, or a warm bronze colour. In all versions, Dolmen brings its forceful character and immediately recognizable personality to any space.

DIMENSIONS See on data sheet.

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