Dolmen Floor
DESIGN Ferruccio Laviani | MANUFACTURER Foscarini

Floor lamp for installation resting against a wall for diffused and reflected light. The lamp consists of a laser-cut sheet of aluminium bent using a pressure bending machine and hand-fnished. The aluminium is anodised and subsequently liquid coated with transparent varnish or coloured paint. There are two opaline PMMA diffusers, the front one is slightly embossed. There is a plate – also in transparent PMMA – between the two diffusers, which diffuses light from the multichip LEDs installed on the long sides of the aluminium frame. The plate is laser-engraved in the areas aligned with the portholes to concentrate the light reflection. Transparent dimmer and electrical cable, a small canopy holder is compulsory for wall anchoring.


Varnished or anodised aluminium and PMMA.

Aluminium, Bronze, Orange.

DIMENSIONSSee on data sheet.

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