Armazém is a relatively old word in the Portuguese language. Although it has had many incarnations throughout history, it mainly referred to general stores – mostly family owned businesses. These Mom and Pop stores were nothing close to high-end, however, they offered a combination of convenience, knowledge, and a local vibe – giving customers the friendly and reassuring feel of a small-town business. This is why they were so loved.

Nowadays, Armazém is used to describe boutiques, specifically in Brazil. These are not your typical shops, which tend to be run-of-the-mill, corporate-like machines, where one day you speak with an employee, knowing you will most likely not see or hear from the same person again. Instead, they are dynamic and innovative, excelling to show something different. They understand that luxury is a lot more about the experience rather than the product itself – this is the connection with the old Armazems.

Hence, we chose Armazem as the name for our enterprise– a modern, relevant, independent, exciting, and ever-evolving showroom, curated by a diverse group of associates who share a genuine passion for design and are in it for the long run. In fact, our team is what makes us truly unique as we strive to provide the specialized and multidisciplinary knowledge needed to positively collaborate with architects, interior designers and real estate developers.

We want to diversify current design thinking and show that there’s so much more than what is traditionally out there. We believe looking to the world achieves the ultimate home design.

Armazem, like the word itself, is constantly evolving. In fact, it will always be. We pledge to carefully curate our Armazem with fresh ideas for home designs, from architectural products to home décor, keeping it exciting and thoughtful. – The worldly home design house.




212 W. Superior Street – Chicago, IL 60654

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Sat: 10am – 4pm



1855 Griffin Road – Dania, FL 33004

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Sat: by appointment



710 NW 25th Street – Miami, FL 33127

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