Kite – wall
DESIGN Marc Sadler | MANUFACTURER Foscarini

The collaboration between Foscarini and Marc Sadler began with Mite; a floor lamp so innovative that it was awarded the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) in 2001. The company and the designer even developed a special material for Mite: a mix of fibreglass and carbon thread or Kevlar® that acts as both decoration and a supporting structure at the same time. Technology previously used to produce fishing rods, oars and golf clubs was introduced to the lighting world for the first time. The extreme flexibility of this material – which is light and resistant at the same time – has enabled the design of an entire collection of lamps for various different uses. This is how Kite came to exist, a wall lamp that also seems to recall a section of the body of Mite in its shape, with its volume flattening slighting against the wall. The light source lights the diffuser evenly, giving prominence to the decoration of the lamp and projecting an intense and warm band of light upwards and downwards. Mini-Kite is the small version of Kite, affording a versatility that makes it ideal for any setting, whether domestic or contract, furnishing it with the stylish character that distinguishes the entire collection.

DIMENSIONS See on data sheet.

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