DESIGN Ferruccio Laviani | MANUFACTURER Foscarini

Tuareg’s structure is inspired by man-made architecture which is nevertheless bound to the world of nature with materials such as branches and cane according to an instinctive, dynamic creative logic. It is chaos turned order, non-traditional geometry echoing a work of land art. By means of a complex industrialisation process, this initial idea took the form of a three dimensional composition of aluminium tubes creating a spectacularly powerfully graphic effect. LED light sources have been incorporated into the extremities of three of these elements which can be switched on and off separately and adjusted 350 degrees in order to vary the light effect and the lamp’s possible uses. The structure has been made even more minimalist by integrated touch switches and the system used to hide the power cables within tubular elements. A formal totem-like presence highlighted by the expressive power of the lamp’s three colour variants: a bright orange which echoes the industrial hues of anti-rust paints, black chrome which evokes precious metals and a new matte white finish that creates a strong graphic contrast with the well-designed technical parts that remain in black . Like a sculptural decoration, Tuareg is the ideal centrepiece for an important reception space in both public and private spaces and in multiple compositions creating veritable lighting installations too.

DIMENSIONS See on data sheet.

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