White Noise

New and imposing, the White Noise suspension lamp exalts light in a graphic contrast treatment inspired by a luminous galaxy in cosmic space. Its large black aluminium dome is sprayed by hand inside with a dense white varnish in a craft process which produces a material texture and a simultaneously decorative and functional effect when it reflects light. White Noise is the first lamp in the Diesel Living collection with a LED light and a board developed specially by Foscarini. A small perforated cap inside the diffuser – in a shape resembling a flying saucer – directs a strip of intense light downwards. At the same time the glow reflects within the dome diffuser and fades out at the edges light an evocative light explosion. With its dark-light and night-day, opaque diffuser and shiny dome interior finish contrasts, White Noise is perfect on a table and transports the room’s atmosphere into a new galaxy.

Suspension lamp with downward lighting. The large diffuser is made from turned aluminium with a black liquid coating. The lamp’s external coating has a special textured effect, whereas the interior has a matt finish. The reflective white colour on the inside of the dome is created by hand in three phases: the first gives a white shading effect, the second goes over it again with black in order to define the white area and the final stage involves a coarse dripping technique in white, increasing the casual effect of the colour. This technique makes every ‘whitenoise’ a unique piece that may slightly differ from the next. The lower diffuser, defining the beam of light, is made from polished white ABS with an extremely shiny, black liquid coating on the outside. The inside of the diffuser is therefore completely white in order to increase the reflection of light, and glossy black on the outside, creating a contrast with the matt surface of the large dome. The diesel logo is pad printed onto the outside of the diffuser. The Citizen COB at the centre of the dome is protected by a small diffuser made from
satin-finish polycarbonate. The suspension cable is made from stainless steel and the electrical cable is covered with a black material casing. The ceiling rose has a galvanised metal bracket which houses the transformer and a glossy white cover made from batch-dyed ABS.


Varnished aluminium and ABS.


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